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Chin Chin Delight 

Chin Chin is a flour-based popular yet exotic Nigerian snack that is blended with other natural spices to give it, its delightful flavor and taste.

 This is a nutritious snack that can be comparable to a Western cookie or a European biscuit yet distinct in its appearance, crunchiness, and mouthfeel. 

Chin Chins from Chin Chin Delight is a delight in itself. Its crunchiness is gratifying, completed with the mouthfeel and flavor that leaves no doubt to the rich and savory culture of Nigerian food. 

Chin Chin Delight is specially made under great hygienic standards and at a price that is affordable. 


Our Story

Chin Chin is a  popular West African -Nigerian snack that has not got its footprint recognition in the Western Markets. It is a nutritious snack that its quality appears to have not been met by the local producers.

This resulted in its scarcity and general absence in Western Markets.


Chin Chin Delight has mastered the art and craft of this snack making from its cultural origins and has been able to come up with the recipes and qualities that give the delightful taste of rich culture blended in a food.

Chin Chin Delight snacks can be snacked on in the office, restaurants, events such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, or can even be used as desserts. 

Chin Chin Delight-One-stop-Shop is a trendsetting online store, offering our first-rate products to all crunchy snack shoppers and lovers from the comfort of their own homes. We pride ourselves to provide you with yet another cultural snack experience, that will enrich your experience.

Shop with Us and share your experience.

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